Data Protection – Fair Processing Notice.

  • During training services we may request that we can photograph/video you in training scenarios with your dog. We will confirm your agreement for any image of yourself that we use.
  • During our walking & grooming services we may take photographs/video of your dog. These images are for use in promoting our services. We will avoid the use of your pets identity information.
  • You may request the removal of any of these images at any time.
  • Whilst you are a Client of Cleverk9s your personal data will be held under the requirements of UK Law, and it will be processed to support the provision of our services to you.
  • It will not be shared with others.
  • Your personal data will be kept until the end of our service provision.
  • Contact details for potential customers, provided by third parties for the purpose of offering our services, will be retained for one year or deleted on request.
  • Danger of harm. The obligation to report: In all circumstances we will disclose the possibility of self-harm or, harm to a client or, their dog, to the appropriate competent authority. This is with the intention of preventing harm.
  • Coronavirus/COVID-19: GDPR allows us to share a customers contact information with NHS Test and Trace to help minimise the transmission of COVID-19 and support public health and safety. It is not necessary to seek consent for this.


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