Dog Training

Quality dog training using only positive reinforcement methods

Learning how to train your own dog has many benefits – it can help to build and strengthen your relationship with your dog, teach him or her basic social skills and is fun!

Puppy Course

It is never too early for your puppy to start learning social skills and basic training.

As soon as your puppy has completed his or her vaccination programme, enrolling with a good puppy class will help you to build your relationship with your puppy, understand how he or she learns and help you to teach some basic manners.

6 week course – £80

Adult Beginner Course

A beginner course for those adult dogs who have not had any or minimal training.

Particularly suitable for adopted dogs.

6 week course- £80

Follow on Course

Once your dog or puppy has completed the foundation course it is now time to build on those skills

This course is for dogs that have mastered the basics

6 week course – £80

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