Dog Walking Enquiry

Prices for Group Walks start at £10 per hour for Keighley and increase over distance to cover fuel costs.

£10 – Black Hill, Braithwaite, Guard House, Keighley, Shann Park, Silsden, Steeton, Stockbridge, Thwaites, Utley, Woodhouse.

£11 – Eastburn, Exley Head, Fell Lane, Goose Eye, Ingrow, Long Lee, Park Wood Bottom, Riddlesden, Sandbeds, Spring Bank, Sutton in Craven, Thwaites Brow, Wheathead.

£12 – Cross Roads, Damems, East Morton, Flappit, Glusburn, Goose Cote, Hainworth, Kildwick, Laycock, Newsholme, Oakworth, West Morton.

£13 – Bingley, Cullingworth, Harden, Haworth, Stanbury.

£15 – Cowling , Lumb Foot, Moorside, Oldfield, Upper Marsh.

£16 – Leeming, Marsh Top.

  • Please supply all the required information and submit the form below. We will call you to discuss your requirements.

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  • It will not be shared with others.
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  • Danger of harm. The obligation to report: In all circumstances we will disclose the possibility of self-harm or, harm to a client or, their dog, to the appropriate competent authority. This is with the intention of preventing harm.
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