Coronavirus/COVID 19 – Safety and Tracking.

Coronavirus/COVID 19 policies and procedures.

Clients must adhere to UK Government guidelines (UK Govt) for England and Bradford District Metropolitan Council guidelines, (BMDC) regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Restrictions affecting our business services;

We are monitoring for changes to the best practice to implement Coronavirus/COVID-19 restrictions which affect our services.

NHS Test & Trace;

  • We fully support the NHS Test & Trace system and will report the details they require if there is an instance of potential, or actual Coronavirus/COVID 19 contact with our customers, or staff.
  • All clients are requested to inform Clever K9s if any member of their family develops COVID 19 symptoms. We will inform those who have attended the same class/service, etc. that they may have been in contact with a person carrying the virus.
  • For how we handle your data please read our Data Protection – Fair Processing Notice.
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