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Today was the first of 3 courses that I am doing this weekend. Today’s course was called Perfect Puppy.

We are based at New Brighton, Wallasey. The area is lovely and we have been blessed with some dry, warm weather, albeit not sunny.

Due to a last minute change of venue today’s course was delivered by Zoom. Even so a group of us took up residence in the corner of a lovely pub called the Seahorse. The staff were great and very accommodating.

The course was fascinating. It started right at the neonatal stage moving through the transitional and socialization stages and on to adolescence. We then covered the fear period and imprinting. We touched on the olfactory and then back to adolescence in more detail, particularly around how the puppy is not giving you a hard time but is having a hard time. We then covered common puppy problems such as chewing and teething and that owners have to accept that this is normal behaviour but there are methods to deal with it. Also identifying biting due to pain and play biting and dealing with excessive play biting. Also covered was toilet training and imprinting amongst other interesting topics.

Due to us being based in a pub to daily I thought I would share a photo of this lovely area I’m staying for the next few days.

Let the learning begin!

Excited for the courses I will be doing over the next 3 days. Perfect Puppy, Canine Body Language & Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation 👨‍🎓🐕🐾

I will provide pupdates each day about how each course has gone and what I have learned.

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