“Pandemic Puppy, Covid Pup, etc.”

BBC News: When your ‘pandemic puppy’ doesn’t work out https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-55719338

This BBC News report imparts various emotions for dog lovers.

You worry for all the pups development due to the pandemic’s effect on socialisation opportunities.

Anger at new owners naive opinions that a puppy of 12 weeks is not fitting in to their routine.

Frustration that you can’t adopt more dogs (we already have four) into your family.

Deep sadness at adolescent dogs, being traumatised by *dumping (in all its forms), at a time when their personalities are forming. (*put out for sale, rescue, abandoned, adoption, etc).

Traditional indoor puppy training classes are impossible to run in the pandemic due to Coronavirus transmission risks. We had to cancel two blocks of indoor puppy training and next stage classes last autumn.

There has been a demand for one to one owner & pup training however, this is more expensive per pup than traditional classes with 5 or 6 pups present.

For Keighley District:- a solution for you?

We have an honest and well meant offer that can help with the struggles to train and socialise your pandemic puppy or adolescent dog.

Whilst the pandemic is causing restrictions and, if you can be flexible with days, times and frequency.

We can offer Socialisation and Walk Training with older trained dogs for £10 per session (that’s minimum wage plus fuel costs) within Keighley District. A session can be a minimum of 1 hour of paws on the ground with additional transport time included. One hour a week can make a difference.

Interested? : Please get in touch as below;

Call or text: 07532 723 790

Email: info@cleverk9s.co.uk

Is your dog a “Yellow Dog”

Is your dog reactive?

Triggered by a pet hate such as, other dogs, certain genders, small children, large children, passers by, etc.

Early trauma and learning painful lessons can leave a dog fearful, wary and mistrusting. The dog may cope with this anxiety by running from triggers or acting with pre-emptive aggression. If on a lead the dog can not run and the second option is what is left.

Is your dog vulnerable?

Old and struggling, medical issues, chronic pain, recovering from surgery or nursing an injury.

The vulnerability can raise anxiety and fear of physical/social contact. Again pre-emptive aggression could result.

Space for your dog.

With both issues your dog’s “personal space“ needs to be maintained. You can be vigilant and navigate your dog so as to avoid triggers.

However, people love dogs and dog walkers even more so. Many dogs are sociable animals especially puppies and adolescent dogs. Small children may get too close.

A great and stylish way to keep your dog safe.

Your responsibility.

Remember that keeping your dog out of trouble is your responsibility. Even if it didn’t initiate the contact that led to the trouble you could well be culpable for any harm your dog causes. Your loving pet could end up being destroyed.


Anything that helps avoid problematic contact has got to be a good thing. That makes the yellow dog scheme a great idea as part of the steps you take to keep your dog out of trouble. A visible signal in a colour that is recognised as indicating a hazard, a warning.

Check out: Yellow Dog UK

On Walk Socialisation & Training for your Puppy.

A well developed recall for such a young dog.

Don’t let Coronavirus limit your Pup’s development.

We will socialise them with active mature dogs in a variety of settings to build their confidence and experience of dog etiquette.

They will be taught commands that are important for walk safety. . .

. . . and they will have lots of fun and exercise that builds great stamina.

All as part of our routine dog walking service within Keighley and District where the group walk fee is £10 per hour!

We have safe pandemic handover protocols in place. Please contact us to discuss 😊

A wonderful time for walks but what’s next?

We have Coronavirus handover procedures in place and will walk COVID free and COVID affected household’s dogs separately.

If you are self-isolating in Keighley, due to underlying health reasons or, actual COVID, we will walk your dog alone close to your home for 30 minutes for a price we can both afford. This is a genuine offer to support our community whilst the pandemic is in effect.

See the margins & footers of this webpage for contact details.

Stay safe as we move towards a winter peak of pandemic danger. At the moment dog walking is happening in our beautiful surroundings here in Keighley. Time in the countryside with wonderful dogs and Autumn colours is certainly a treat but I’m prepared for a winter of supporting our Keighley Community as best I can.

Coronavirus stops indoor training for the foreseeable future.

We are sorry to announce that due to the continuing threat of Coronavirus transmission we are not able to conduct training courses at our indoor training venue.

We have contacted all our customers affected by this and alternative “one to one” training arrangements have been made.

It’s a difficult time for young dogs who will miss out on training opportunities. Please contact Clever K9s if our “one to one” training services are suitable for you during the Coronavirus restrictions.

Our One to One Dog Training and Dog Walking services are still working with Coronavirus Precautions in place.

Our dog walking services are still operating with Coronavirus safety precautions in place. We are able to help with puppy socialisation and basic walk training by including your Pup on our one of our Group Walks where they will mix with older sociable and trained dogs. Please contact us to discuss.

Take care everyone.

Dew claw injury.

During yesterday’s beautiful sunshine we set of for our usual off lead walk only to spot Little Nell looking a bit lame.

Our examination found she had damaged her left front paw’s dew claw.

The claw had broken evenly near its root. It had separated downwards away from the root with the whole claw hanging by it’s fleshy part normally surrounded by the claw.

So Nell went home and had the injury cleaned and dressed. She was in a lot of pain. Our vet advised that she may remove the damaged claw herself and that we should keep the area clean.

Poor Nell, it’s obviously very painful.