What Dog Walkers see…

Walking dogs gives you an excuse to be in places where men of my age would probably be reported for “lurking with intent”.

Today’s Clever K9 companion.

A Clever K9 companion is your passport to all the open access nooks and crannies of your local area. I’m not sure if it’s a second childhood or a “Last of the Summer Wine” syndrome but I’m rediscovering all sorts of local objects of interest and it makes me feel good!

I’m also discovering many things for the first time. Like today with this magnificent shallow stone trough which is approximately 6ft square. Of course I didn’t actually “discover” it – but I discovered it for myself, it being my first time in that particular woodland to the North West of Bingley.

I’m seeking out interesting walks through various mapping and databases on the internet. I’ll share these resources once I’m sure I’ve identified the best ones to use.

Last of the Summer Wine factoid:- I’ve twice walked past the actress who played Nora Batty (Kathy Staff) the fierce nemesis lady of the long running show. First time was on a Zebra Crossing in Keighley, and the second time it was a Zebra Crossing in Leeds! I’m sure that means something but what!?!

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