Every walk an adventure – Prey Drive…

We aim to give our Owner’s Dogs a fulfilling adventure on every walk.

The video shows two of our Clever K9s who have just completed a successful “hunt”. The prey…a feral tennis ball fished out of the nearby river by Meg, is treated as real prey with Meg going through the motions of stripping and and dismembering the tennis ball.

With her walk companion baying in excitement both dogs are having a great time acting as a pack after a successful hunt. A safe way to vent their latent prey drive and bond.

Canine Enrichment in action – select image for video.

With your permission, they will be off lead when it’s safe to do so. The route taken will have off lead safety planned in.

If your Dog has problems with recall from a distance, or recall from distractions, these skills will be developed to allow them off lead when ready.

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