Puppy socialisation & walk training.

Don’t let the pandemic hinder your puppy!

Traditional indoor puppy training classes are impossible to run in the pandemic due to Coronavirus transmission risks. We had to cancel two blocks of indoor puppy training and next stage classes last autumn. This is our service to counter this issue.

Take & Train your puppy – From ONLY £10 per session!!!

Outdoor puppy training service for Bingley, Keighley, Silsden & Districts.

  • For puppies starting at 12-18 weeks old, that have completed their immunisations and can therefor leave the house for exercise. Always ask your Vet when your pup can start walking out.
  • This period of a pup’s development is extremely important. Socialising with other dogs and safe walking skills can be taught to great advantage at this time. They are very “impressionable” at this age and you have a great opportunity to build the foundations of a wonderful lifelong relationship.
  • Through flexibility over the availability of training times, the first training session can match your pup’s “coming out” and continue for the next 12 weeks – to cover the important life period that covers your pup’s personality development, and the commencement of their adolescence. It also contributes greatly to their curiosity and fear responses.
Puppy Socialisation & Walk Training​ for Keighley, Bingley, Silsden.  BD16, BD20, BD21, BD22.
Puppy Socialisation & Walk Training.

Training objectives.

  • Phase 1: Weeks 1 – 6.
    • Meeting, walking and play with friendly older trained dogs.
    • Experience of a variety of outdoor settings.
    • Focus on their human.
    • Sit.
    • Down.
    • Loose lead walking. 
    • Come away (Leave it).
  • Phase 2: Weeks 7 -12.
    • Off lead walking. 
    • Recall from a distance and common distractions.
    • With me (walk close).
    • Come here sit (safety sit/stay).

What you can do in preparation.

  • Here are some useful exercises for the period when you cannot take your new pup out and about. These exercises are intended to help the pup be safe when they go outside;
  • Get them used to wearing a collar, preferably a harness and having the lead attached and removed. Whilst doing this walk about the house and play with the lead attached.
  • De-sensitise their reaction to being touched around the head, ears, muzzle, eyes, paws, leg pits. Also lifting lips to examine teeth & gums. This is to avoid hand shyness at the vets and groomers in later life.
  • Have all family members do the above in preparation for when your pup joins us for training.

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