“Pandemic Puppy, Covid Pup, etc.”

BBC News: When your ‘pandemic puppy’ doesn’t work out https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-55719338

This BBC News report imparts various emotions for dog lovers.

You worry for all the pups development due to the pandemic’s effect on socialisation opportunities.

Anger at new owners naive opinions that a puppy of 12 weeks is not fitting in to their routine.

Frustration that you can’t adopt more dogs (we already have four) into your family.

Deep sadness at adolescent dogs, being traumatised by *dumping (in all its forms), at a time when their personalities are forming. (*put out for sale, rescue, abandoned, adoption, etc).

Traditional indoor puppy training classes are impossible to run in the pandemic due to Coronavirus transmission risks. We had to cancel two blocks of indoor puppy training and next stage classes last autumn.

There has been a demand for one to one owner & pup training however, this is more expensive per pup than traditional classes with 5 or 6 pups present.

For Keighley District:- a solution for you?

We have an honest and well meant offer that can help with the struggles to train and socialise your pandemic puppy or adolescent dog.

Whilst the pandemic is causing restrictions and, if you can be flexible with days, times and frequency.

We can offer Socialisation and Walk Training with older trained dogs for £10 per session (that’s minimum wage plus fuel costs) within Keighley District. A session can be a minimum of 1 hour of paws on the ground with additional transport time included. One hour a week can make a difference.

Interested? : Please get in touch as below;

Call or text: 07532 723 790

Email: info@cleverk9s.co.uk

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