Is your dog a “Yellow Dog”

Is your dog reactive?

Triggered by a pet hate such as, other dogs, certain genders, small children, large children, passers by, etc.

Early trauma and learning painful lessons can leave a dog fearful, wary and mistrusting. The dog may cope with this anxiety by running from triggers or acting with pre-emptive aggression. If on a lead the dog can not run and the second option is what is left.

Is your dog vulnerable?

Old and struggling, medical issues, chronic pain, recovering from surgery or nursing an injury.

The vulnerability can raise anxiety and fear of physical/social contact. Again pre-emptive aggression could result.

Space for your dog.

With both issues your dog’s “personal space“ needs to be maintained. You can be vigilant and navigate your dog so as to avoid triggers.

However, people love dogs and dog walkers even more so. Many dogs are sociable animals especially puppies and adolescent dogs. Small children may get too close.

Yellow Dog. More space please poster
A great and stylish way to help with keep your dog safe.

Your responsibility.

Remember that keeping your dog out of trouble is your responsibility. Even if it didn’t initiate the contact that led to the trouble you could well be culpable for any harm your dog causes. Your loving pet could end up being destroyed.


Anything that helps avoid problematic contact has got to be a good thing. That makes the yellow dog scheme a great idea as part of the steps you take to keep your dog out of trouble. A visible signal in a colour that is recognised as indicating a hazard, a warning.

Check out: Yellow Dog UK

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