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Dew claw injury.

During yesterday’s beautiful sunshine we set of for our usual off lead walk only to spot Little Nell looking a bit lame.

Our examination found she had damaged her left front paw’s dew claw.

The claw had broken evenly near its root. It had separated downwards away from the root with the whole claw hanging by it’s fleshy part normally surrounded by the claw.

So Nell went home and had the injury cleaned and dressed. She was in a lot of pain. Our vet advised that she may remove the damaged claw herself and that we should keep the area clean.

Poor Nell, it’s obviously very painful.

Nell helping a newbie Pup..

Nell looks like she’s grinning whilst pup looks ready to leap on Nell.

She chased after Nell who’s tail kept sweeping across her head like a feather duster. We are going a little further afield next week. I think these two will become pals

Taking pups on these early adventures is a privilege. At the end of a Puppy Walk I’ll sit with them on my knee and stroke their ears and paws. This prepares them for being handled whilst you remove things stuck in their fur and for visits to the vets.

What Dog Walkers see…

Furniture recently dumped in a flood water culvert on farmland near the River Aire just outside Low Utley. Just over a mile from the District Councils Household Waste yard.

Location of the Fly Tip seen 17/09/20

Fly tipping is a blight and sometimes a danger as this could be.

Dog walkers are often the folk who find this stuff and much more too. This was obvious to a mere human. Dogs find much more with their enhanced senses. Always keep an eye on your dog when something gets their attention. You never know what they may find.

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